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Who we are

We’re one of the UK's oldest communications services companies. Our solid foundations date back to 1904 when a quirk of history gave Hull and East Yorkshire its own phone company and we started life as the telephone department within the Hull Municipal Corporation. In the subsequent 112 years we’ve evolved and transformed into the business we are today. We’ve always been proud of being a little different. Our founders were pioneers and innovators in the field of telephony and today we emulate their spirit by helping our customers harness the power of technology.

We're constantly evolving so we can continue to help customers create greater value from the way they interact, collaborate and connect with what matters to them. This means we’re on a continuous change journey as we’re always looking for easier and better ways of doing things. It’s an exciting and inspiring place to work.

KCOM by numbers

1600+ employees across the UK

Over 130,000 households in Hull and East Yorkshire use our KCOM services

£349.2million revenue in 2015/2016

£50.9million operating profit in 2015/2016

What we do

We serve two markets; consumers and businesses in Hull and East Yorkshire, and large public and private sector organisations across the UK.

In Hull and East Yorkshire… For consumers in Hull and East Yorkshire we provide phone, mobile, broadband and TV services. We’re really proud of our ultrafast broadband service, Lightstream, which we’re rolling out as a standard across the region. Our multi-million pound investment in the city’s digital network is not only giving the best connectivity today, but will be a major economic advantage for generations to come.

Our business customers in Hull and East Yorkshire can also take advantage of our Lightstream broadband service along with our collaboration and communication services specifically developed to help organisations to connect to their own customers and improve the experience they provide.

For large public and private sector organisations… In the rest of the UK we offer IT and communication services to large public and private sector organisations that are looking to transform the way they do business and operate. We’re a flexible and agile systems integrator (SI) that’s looking to provide a credible alternative to some of the big SIs. We work with leading organisations such as HMRC, BUPA, Dominos, ATOC, and NHS BSA, who value our flexible approach, talent and expertise.

Our professional communities

We all belong to a Professional Community based on our job role. Professional Communities exist to ensure that KCOM has and develops the professional capabilities it needs to deliver on its strategic agenda.

Community members have a clear sense of identity and purpose with the opportunity to communicate, collaborate and network freely while having access to current approaches, tools, methodologies, knowledge and learning needed to deliver to the required professional standard.


A group of visionaries and technical design experts who develop strategies, shape customer thinking and maximize our ability to differentiate to execute solutions.

Business Services

A group of specialists and trusted experts who consult with the business and provide sound advice, insight, support and drive best industry practice aligned to business strategy.

Customer Services and Support

A group of professional, helpful, trusted specialists united by their common desire to deliver an exceptional customer experience aimed at making our customer’s lives easier and better.

Design and Development

A group of technical experts who collaborate to define design principles and then build, configure, test and maintain integrated solutions in line with strategy, plans and functional specification.


Professional marketing specialists who recognize that consumers of products and services have a broad choice and the importance of being in the game, anticipating the needs and wants of future customers.


A team of specialists who deliver growth through profitable products, services and propositions, whilst using innovation to develop solutions arising from problem statements and then working externally with partners to develop and transition those solutions into the portfolio.

Project Management

Practice specialists who provide strong leadership to ensure successful delivery of programmes using industry best practice from conception to delivery.


A network of sales professionals united by the common goal to deliver solutions to meet customer needs and drive business growth across the key market segments.

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