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Data Analyst 

Marketing Insight & Data Management

Data Analyst who provides data analysis to support the National Network Services (NNS) Marketing and Sales teams with strategic and tactical decision making.

Role Summary

Provide data extraction, completion, manipulation and analysis using the most up to date relevant statistical techniques to support the NNS Marketing and Sales teams with strategic and tactical decision making.

Key Accountabilities

  • Deliver detailed analysis of data collected from a range of sources, including but not limited to Salesforce, Marketo, GA and Excel, using the most up to date relevant techniques to model and interpret large datasets.
  • Produce key datasets used for the operational needs of the team and key stakeholders
  • Proactively generate and provide regular and ad-hoc reports on the findings from analysis, ensuring compliance with regulatory obligations
  • Provide support, advice and guidance by interpreting and simplifying complex data into actionable data sets to help deliver KPIs
  • Support the internal and external stakeholders with key projects that require data collection and compilation.
  • Work alongside the Kcom data teams to validate NNS customer data to support the marketing team in delivering targeted upsell and cross campaigns
  • Lead analysis of scenario planning and forecasting to ensure marketing and sales effort is allocated
  • Maintain data sets used in the NNS customer database and assist with database developments.

Key Skills

  • Basic SQL,

  • Understanding of Power BI,

  • Strong Excel

  • Analysing complex datasets and building datasets that support the needs of the NNS marketing and sales teams
  • Makes decisions around the data quality, which type of analysis techniques to deploy, finding ways to answer questions and solve problems and how to best present or translate complex data analysis to their audience.
  • Build effective working relationships with both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Work under time pressures with the role holder required to be able to work to tight timelines.

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