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Customer Experience Manager - Secondment (3-6 Months)

In this role, you will work across all service levels to ensure exceptional customer service and delivery of our customer service commitment.  You will lead, develop and manage the teams to deliver excellence.

You will be responsible for delivery of customer experience SLAs; ensuring all business requests and services are delivered /resolved and managing the day to day operational environment focusing on delivering a high quality service for our customers.

More specifically, you will be accountable for;

  • Contributing to the design and delivery of the CSOC transformation with particular input into the design of the customer experience SLAs, journey and team behaviours.
  • Responsible for the leadership and development of team leaders to ensure they have the skills required to lead a multi- skilled team to deliver against productivity targets and maintain a high levels of customer service.
  • Working with team leaders and HR to develop career pathways for CSOC.
  • Overall responsibility for the resourcing of the teams.
  • Acting as a point of escalation, as appropriate.
  • Contributing to the budget setting, taking specific responsibility for the budgetary management of overtime and forecasting where applicable.
  • Leading the investigation of tools and techniques that will support continuous improvement initiatives and make recommendations as appropriate.
  • Responsible for creating objectives and targets that meet the strategy and ensure a high level of customer experience is delivered.
  • Monitoring service levels, implementing improvements if levels fall out of line with agreed targets, in order to ensure compliance with SLA’s.
  • Continually review and update processes, procedures and systems in line with changes and to deliver industry best practice to meet customer expectations
  • Building and maintaining a culture focused on delivering compliance and customer experience requirements.
  • Ensuring the ongoing training and development of the team, in order to meet business demand, customer experience SLAs and employee engagement.
  • Ensuring compliance with all IBMS requirements as detailed in the KCOM policies, ISO certifications, industry standards, legal & regulatory obligations and other related company arrangements and procedures.


This role requires you to demonstrate you have; a collaborative mind-set, a strong customer focus, a flexible approach and leadership abilities.

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Hull – Salvesen Way
Kingston House, Salvesen Way, Hull, England, HU3 4XQ
  • Salary:
  • Professional community:
    Customer Service & Support
  • Location:
    Hull – Salvesen Way
  • Working Hours:
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